Daniel Pangerl

I'm a senior software engineer from Bavaria. I create awesome web applications and mobile experiences. My customers are individuals, agile startups as well as corporate companies.

15 years of experience

I'm in software development for more than 15 years. I work with teams around the globe and I've learned how projects can thrive, why many fail and how to prevent that.

I focus on value

My thinking is agile and pragmatic. Form follows function… follows value. I focus on providing the latter instead of selling you just lines of code.

We create together

My mission is to support you evaluating your ideas fast and increase your company’s business value 📈. I might create your first MVP, contribute to your existing application or manage your team to realize a scalable digital product.

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Latest Work

  • lisci GmbH • Ravensburg

    Currently working on… 🛠

  • Sproos! • New York

    Building shopify landing pages for a extraordinary consumer product

  • it Manufactory GmbH • Passau

    Building a specialized ERP for automotive companies

  • Latori GmbH • Wuppertal

    Developing individual SPA shopify frontends

  • Factor Eleven GmbH • Gießen

    Creating a configuration and checkout platform for online ad products

  • Regiothek GmbH • Passau

    Realizing a platform for sustainable regional products

  • advance52 GmbH (G+D) • München

    Building a e-commerce MVP for discovering new markets

Other Projects

  • The Wall

    Coming soon 🤘

  • Kaufsbeidir

    Local shopping platform

  • shyify

    Online text editing tool

  • Die neue Entwicklung


Tech Stack

  • Typescript React

  • Apollo GraphQl

  • Tailwind Css

  • NodeJs / ExpressJs

  • Git / Docker

I code with JavaScript since more than 10 years. 6 years ago, I started working with react on a daily basis. About 2 years ago, I switched to typescript.

Tools and Frameworks






    React Native




Working with battle proof tools can be a great advantage. These are some of my favorite picks.

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